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The Leading Air Barrier System

Spray foam insulation from Midwest is a powerful, emissions-free material that never shrinks or breaks down. Its constant air, thermal and vapour barrier reduces energy consumption while protecting against mould, mildew, dust and other allergens pervading the home. Two-pound foam, also known as closed-cell foam, provides twice the insulation as fibreglass and adds structural strength to steel and wood buildings, SPG roofing systems and more. Best of all, homeowners who choose spray foam may be eligible for government grants! We are also proud to serve the Alberta oilfields.

Midwest Sprayfoam & Coating also provides these interior and exterior finishing services:

• Sandblasting

• Priming

• Painting

Preparation and Clean-Up

To ensure a proper installation and avoid a sloppy-looking finish, our crew never takes shortcuts. Before starting, we completely tape off the job site area, covering all windows, doors, floors and any other surface that could be impacted. After we’re finished, you can expect a thorough clean-up of the job site.


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